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12th August, 2014.Cathal Johnson, Harmonica musician and Service Repairer for All-Ireland for Hohner pictured in his workshop at Distillery Lane, Dundalk..Photo:Barry Cronin/ 087-9598549/046-9055044

Harmonica Repairs., Harmonica musician and service repair for Hohner All-Ireland.

Cathal’s repair services and shop is based at the Forge Arts Centre, New Road, Galway City, County Galway, Ireland. Harmonica repairs on used harmonicas, Cathal works as ‘Service Repairer for all Ireland’ North and South as recognised and certified in 2019 by Hohner Harmonicas manufacturers as a worthy harmonica tech. Cathal is listed in the top 3 harmonica techs on The National Harmonica League’s website here:  People all over Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and abroad get in touch, visit and/or send their harmonicas for repairs and custom work. Repairs go a long way! Email Cathal’s Gmail here for information on harmonica repairs and custom work too!

It makes sense in this day and age to have you harmonicas repaired. Why? Because it is cheaper, it saves you buying a new one at full cost, it sounds better than first bought from a factory! Or you may want to restore your Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s harmonica or an aunts or uncles. Repairing harmonicas also helps relieve the environment of raw material needed in order to make new ones!!

Repairing an old vintage HOHNER melodica.

Harmonica Repairs. Repairing an old vintage HOHNER melodica.

It is a common problem for players to buy a harmonica only to discover they do not play to your specifications, that they sound slightly out of tune or indeed in a week or so later that they have gone out of tune unsatisfactorily. Save yourself a lot of time,money and headache and learn! Collect the faulty ones and send a few in for repair. THIS WILL SAVE YOU A FORTUNE AND PRODUCE A BETTER QUALITY HARMONICA!

If you have old or new harmonicas lying about needing repair or wish to have your harmonicas customised for better performance or one of the many different tunings available, then why not send them to Cathal, an accomplished harmonica technician. For a small fee, fix or customise harmonicas and have them back in a week or two.

Repairing all these harmonica saves the raw materials for new ones! As an accomplished Harp Tech Cathal's work produces a better performing harmonica.

Harmonica Repairs. Repairing all these harmonica saves the raw materials for new ones! Hohner certified for repairs – Cathal’s work produces a better performing harmonica.

Cathal offers various customisations and repairs too. Please find below as price guide to some of the services on offer. Basic costs, as each harmonica has its peculiarities in that they maybe restorations on chromatic or other:

  • Cleaning and sanitisation: = €7
  • Replacing a reed: = €10 -/+
  • Valving per valves: = €10 -/+
  • Embossing: = light €50, full €100 -/+
  • Retuning to different keys: = vary according to make and model; Diatonic harps/harmonicas for example €15 to €35 -/+

For more information contact Cathal at alternatively email call 353 (0) 83 4444980. Looking forward to hearing from you!