Welcome to Cathal Johnson Harmonica Repairs – Gallery. A gallery of photos of Cathal’s workshop, playing at Electric Picnic and with friends…
In 2014, journalist Harry Browne approached Cathal to do an interview about his harmonica workshop and a general piece about harmonicas for The Sunday Times. Harry and photographer Barry Cronin visited Cathal at his workshop and stayed for the afternoon talking harmonicas and taking pictures. Harry went on to write a great piece about harmonicas which can be found here on this website… Barry produced a lovely gallery of photos for the piece too. Some of which can be seen below.

Other pictures below from a gallery in Ravenstale, Dundalk below. Thierry Faure exhibited this lovely gallery of work. Stunning pieces.

Lots more photos can be viewed on Cathal’s Facebook Page.

Cathal Johnson in his workshop.

Cathal in his workshop in the attic. Photography by Barry Cronin.

Cathal in his workshop. As you can see from the photo many tools and parts used in repairing and customising harmonicas. Cathal has been repairing harmonica now for 8 years. Barry lighting effects in these pictures came out great! Such professionalism on both Harry and Barry’s account no doubt at all.

Photography by Barry Cronin for The Sunday Times.

Harry Browne the journalist and Cathal in the workshop.

Cathal sporting his magnifying glasses with journalist Harry Browne from The Sunday Times in the background looking on.

Photography by Barry Cronin for The Sunday Times.

Outside the Dundalk museum.

This photo was taken outside the museum in Dundalk County Louth. Cathal is however now based in Galway City at the Forge Arts Centre, 42 A New Road. Call in anytime for a chat and a cup of tea!

Electric Picnic Strad Bally. Bog cottage.

Niceol, Henry and Cathal playing at the Electric Picnic in The Bog Cottage.

This photo was taken at Electric Picnic during the hay day of the Bog Cottage. Those were great days when the Bog Cottage flourished with art and talent at the Electric Picnic.

Country bluesy, jazzy, tradie session fun.

Us with Jacques Faures on Saxophone playing for his father’s exhibition in Ravenstale, Dundalk.

Playing at an Art opening for French artist Thierry Faure in Ravenstale Dundalk.

Repairing harmonicas

A clatter of harmonicas for repair.

Plenty of blues harps here for repair and custom work. Cathal repairs old Marine Band blues harps to make them perform better than they ever did before. So if you have old harps lying around, don’t throw them away or buy new ones, have them repaired and half the price and twice the quality! Fact!

Assortment of harmonica tools and stationary...

Some tools of the trade.

Some tools needed for the job. A couple of reed wrenches, screw drivers, penknife a solder and some led free solder.

XB40 taken apart for repair and maintenance.

The guts of an XB40 designed by Rick Epping.

Rick Epping brilliant design. An XP40. Unfortunately Hohner do not make these classic harmonica anymore. This design allowed all reeds to both blow and draw bend. A loud harmonica Cathal uses in his performances.