Workshops in playing the harmonica in large groups settings such as companies, schools and colleges wishing might wish to avail of the workshop on Breathing Your Blues Away, Inhaling and exhaling your blues away!

A harmonica class in Dundalk Co. Louth from the Del la Sal boy's school.

A harmonica class in Dundalk Co. Louth from the Del la Sal boy’s school.

Breathing Your Blues Away is a highly dynamic workshops experience that literally sweeps away perceived restrictions to prove that with good communication skills, belief and good teamwork anything is achievable.

This workshop simulates the sounds of the deep South Delta traditional train blues harmonica. It is more than just a musical instrument. In the hands of the participant, it is a tool that can transform teams by opening minds, stretching their personal limits and bringing individuals together in a distinct and captivating way.

Breathing your Blues Away performs exactly that and concludes in a group harmonica jam session that remains memorable for many years to follow.

Breathing Your Blues Away is an expert class given by Cathal Johnson, recognised by HOHNER harmonica manufacturer as the go to guy in Ireland for harmonica playing and customisation work too.


Beginning by playing the harmonica train blues, Cathal then introduces the participants to their harmonicas, continues with breathing exercises and basics of blues harp. The exercise increases in speed as participants become more skillful. Before long they are playing blues in unison and are chugging away with rhythms of an unbeatable speeding freight train through the Mississippi Delta. In no time, they hit the buffers. The team will become invigorated and buzzing – as they now can Breath Away their Blues at anytime.

Team members get to take their harmonica home with them to remember the day by and perhaps take up playing the harmonica to play a few tunes and perhaps sing a song or two!

Don Baker on Cathal and his work: “Cathal provides a much needed harmonica service. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to harmonica and he can play too!” – Don Baker:

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Considered by Bono and many others to be the world’s greatest harmonica player!

Cathal Johnson is recognised by many harmonica players in Ireland and many other parts of the world to as go to harmonica technician and player. With a natural ability for Irish traditional dance music to blues harmonica and guitar musician and vocalists. If you want to learn blues harmonica or even Irish music, then Cathal can take you on this and many other musical journey.

Key Personal Benefits for this workshop as follows: Breaks the ice » High energy » Focuses the mind » Creates a positive attitude » Unifies the group » Shared experience


If you require Cathal For workshops on the harmonica or any of the above instruments or all together why not drop him at or by Gmail at call the mobile number on 083 4444 980.