Learning an instrument isn’t just fun, it also opens a variety of possibilities to express ourselves. Often, the recorder is the instrument of choice for beginners – for several reasons: on the one hand, it is incredibly easy to learn, on the other hand it helps to quickly learn the basics of rhythm, intonation and interaction.

Recorder-like instruments have existed for ages. However, the recorder as we know it today has been around since the 14th century. Generally, they are made from wood, promising a warm, clear sound.

For hygienic reasons, plastic has been established as a favored material especially for beginner’s instruments, as well. But ultimately, it’s a question of personal preference whether you play wood or plastic.

HOHNER offers three different recorder series, all aimed at beginners. All three series are available with German or Baroque fingering and made from wood (Musica Line), plastic (Melody Line), or a combination of wooden body and a plastic head node (Alegra Line).