Harmonicas Ireland.

Welcome to Cathal Johnson’s Harmonicas Ireland website for harmonica repairs. Contact cathaljohnson@gmail.com or by phone 0834444980. Or write or send to  Galway at the Forge Arts Centre on 42A New Road.

Hohner consulted with their artist team; Joe Filisko, Howard Levy, Steve Baker… All agreed that Crossover, made with a bamboo comb, best on the market now.

Buy this professionally set up Hohner Crossover at basic level for 70, advanced level for 80 or extreme advanced for 120 euros. Basic level mean that the harmonica’s gapping set up for playability, comb sanded flat and the top reed plate sanded flat. Advanced is all above plus a light embossing and extreme advanced means all the above with heavy embossing set up for over blow and over draws. Note, there is a 10 euros registered postal charge.

Crossover level

Find out about Irish harmonica history, notable performers and innovators and recent developments internationally. You can also arrange for harmonica repairs, custom work and other improvements to your harmonicas. Find out about some interesting tunings available by browsing Harmonicas Ireland website. Buy new and boxed/refurbished customised harmonicas at excellent rates that will save you time, money and headache!

Cathal Johnson; certified harmonica technician by Hohner harmonicas for repairs. (0834444980) pictured here in his workshop. Photo: Barry Cronin



Recognised and certified by Hohner as harmonica technician and “Service Repair for All Ireland.” If you have any old harmonicas for repairs, customised or you would like to sell, feel free to get in touch.


Cathal Johnson Harmonica Repairs

Andy Irvine, the most recorded harmonica player in Ireland, according to the National Archives!

Andy Irvine on Cathal Johnson’s Harmonica repairs and builds:

It’s great, after all this time, to find a harmonica technician here in Ireland! I’m delighted to give my full endorsement to his work, repairing and tuning harmonicas.

He does a very thorough job and from now on, I use no other!”






Brendan is a genius harmonica inventor and player. Inventing cutting edge harmonicas with cutting edge technology!

Brendan Power: “I taught Cathal the rudiments of harmonica repair a few years ago (circa 2010), and it’s good to see he’s developed his skills and created a successful small business. I now pass on some of my customers’ chromatic harmonica repair jobs to him.” – Brendan Power




Harmonica repair testimonials

Considered by Bono and many others to be the world’s greatest harmonica player!

Don Baker on Cathal and his work:

“At last, Cathal provides a much needed harmonica service here in Ireland. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to harmonica and he can play too!” – Don Baker






So please feel to shop around. Or browse the history section for your perusal and get in touch by emailing Cathal at cathaljohnson@gmail.com.

Cathal would also love to hear your stories about harmonicas for his blog to post. People pop by into Cathal’s workshop in Galway on New Road at the Forge Arts Centre with different harmonica stories. Some recalling times spent with the  great Eddie Clarke for example, so please feel free to call in, so get in touch…..

In stock and for sale now at unbeatable prices! Here are some special harmonicas for sale. Payments can be made via Paypal, a safe way to pay for your harmonicas. All harmonica for sale have had custom work done to them to varying degrees!


New, boxed and custom Hohner Marine Band harmonicas for sale.

Price range 30 euros to 120. Available in popular alternative tunings such as Paddy Richter for ease of playing traditional Irish tune and a myriad more!

For more information and to order  email cathaljohnson@gmail.com


This Larry Adler Professional 12 going for 190 euros. Add 3D printed traditional comb from Brendan Power- 230 or special comb for extra volume 260. With added embossing on lower end reeds. All harmonica are fine tune to play in concert pitch.











This fully restored vintage harmonica with case 265 euros. Or with newly added traditional comb 310 or special designed 3D printed come installations 325 with added embossing on lower to mid range reeds, give this machine some serious elegance!