Custom Harmonica Options

Harmonicas Ireland have 3 levels of harmonica set up for Diatonic harmonicas. These levels range from basic to intermediate to advanced levels of set up. Also available for Chromatic and Tremolo harmonicas, please inquire about these options via our contact page.

Custom Diatonic Harmonicas

Basic Level: This work includes embossing of reed slots, this helps prevent air loss and so increases the harmonica’s volume and response of the reed within it’s reed slot on the reed-plate. Basic level harmonicas are lightly embossed with reeds gapped for optimal playing. Available for all harmonicas.

Price: 100 plus cost of harmonica

Intermediate level: Intermediate level custom harmonicas have heavier embossing done to them. This procedure is also available for all harmonicas. Reeds are profiled to sit in their slots and gapped for optimum playing also. This process also suits diatonic harmonicas by making it easier to play and achieve over blows in holes 4, 5 and 6 reeds and over draw hole 7, great for the over blowers out there!

Price: 150 plus cost of harmonica

Advanced level: Advanced level custom harmonicas as the intermediate whereas advanced; all reeds are embossed and set up for over blow/draw. Reeds are chamfered and tuned to give a rich tone. A dream to play for the advanced play who likes to over-blow/draw and play chromatic scales on a diatonic harmonica!

Price: 250 plus cost of harmonica