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Repairing harmonicas is great for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it is a lot cheaper than buying new or even replacement reed-plates!

Secondly, a harmonica will sound better after it has been cleaned, repaired with reed or reeds replaced, then tune and fine tuned. Cathal Johnson from Harmonicas Ireland also tweaks and gaps the reeds to sit nicely, tunes and fine tunes the entire harmonica too. So that you receive back a harmonica in top class working order.

Finally, in this throw away society renewing your harmonica is good for the environment. Indeed Harmonicas Ireland have won an environmental award for recycling and renewing harmonicas!

There really is no need to throw away a faulty harmonica. A harmonica can literally last you a lifetime. Not only that but every repair and maintenance of a harmonica improves it throughout it’s lifetime along with any custom work, that harmonica is a treasure!

Send your harmonicas for repair to Harmonicas Ireland. Harmonicas Ireland’s qualified Hohner Service Technician Cathal Johnson, can undertake any work or restoration job you want. Once received, Cathal assesses the harmonicas and reports back to you with a detailed email as to what’s wrong highlighting different cost options open to you for repairs or even custom work that you may want so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

For example…

Diatonic harmonicas only: 1 replacement reed on a single harmonica costs e22.50, includes cleaning. This service is available for all Hohner Harmonicas. Seydel, Suzuki, Herring and Lee Oskar are also catered for too, cost of services for those make and models on request.

Comb sanding/flattening and blow reed-plate flattening cost e20 extra. This procedure helps to eliminate air loss and improves harmonicas volume and response.

Any and all tunings are catered for too on request. If you want your harmonicas tuned to Powerbender tuning for example. Just send Cathal a description of what you want.

Chromatic harmonica services have a lot of variables. For this reason prices are estimated based on as an example, 12 hole chromatic harmonicas, for other types of chromatic harmonicas please inquire. Services include for example; cleaning involving complete strip down, mouthpiece levelling, comb levelling and mouthpiece cleaned and lightly oiled, mouthpiece buffer replacements, replacing wind savers/valves, button spring replacements and adjusted to work better, tuning and fine tuning.

  • Basic chromatic servicing cost around e50
  • A full service costs e75
  • New pear wood comb for 12 hole 270 costs = e30
  • Conversion from nails to screws cost = e40

Tremolo harmonica repairs and tunings services cost e30 to e50 depending on assessment and what needs repairing or tuning. This cost can vary less or more depending on the issues and wants of the customer. Again please inquire via email for more details (see below).


For a list of tunings available check out the Tuning page.

  • Richter to Paddy Richter tuning = e20
  • Half valving = e17.50

Any and all tuning are available on request and quotes given.

Prices given here are estimates only. A full quotation is given via email on receipt and assessment of the harmonica.

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