Harmonica Recital @ Black Gate Cultural Centre for Culture Night

A harmonica recital and discussion by Cathal Johnson with accompaniment from Stephen Simmonds on guitar taking place at the Black Gate Cultural Centre Friday 21st September.

Cathal Johnson will give a recital and talk on the harmonica past, present and in the future. With accompaniment from Stephen Simmonds on guitar, Cathal and Steve will play Irish Traditional Dance Music, blues and country blues with elements of jazz along and country.

After the recital there will be a discussion on the rapid development and direction of the harmonica. Harmonica players are also invited to come along to play and learn tips on repair and maintain their instruments during the workshop.

Steve Simmonds is a Galway based singer/songwriter and guitar player. Versed in traditional music he also runs the gamut between folk and rock. He has been a guitar backer for Charlie Lennon, Johnny Connolly and Mary Shannon amongst others and continues to explore electric music on his beloved Telecaster guitar.

Cathal Johnson is a harmonica player and technician who rebuilds and repairs harmonicas for players in Ireland and around the world. He plays harmonica, guitar, accordion and melodeon. Both Cathal Johnson and Steve Simmonds are members of the Dominic Street Ramblers.

Time: 4pm – 6pm
Address: The Black Gate Cultural Centre, Francis Street, Galway