Tuning & Tunings

If you fancy trying your hand at retuning harmonicas or already tuning with some success after making a muddle of the mouth organ, you may want to hone your skills and find out more! So why not get in touch with Harmonicas Ireland and book a course now!

Harmonicas Ireland offer specialist courses in tuning run by qualified Hohner Service Technician, Cathal Johnson.

Course Requirements

Hohner’s tool kits; Harmonica Service Set and Harmonica Instant Workshop have the required tools for this course, directly available to buy from Harmonicas Ireland’s online harmonica shop.

Any participants taking this course can expect to experiment with tuning reeds, leading to tuning harmonicas to various simple and basic diatonic harmonica tunings such as Paddy Richter and Easy Third tunings. While progressing to more complicated diatonic, chromatic and tremolo tunings such as the popular Powerbender and Diminished tunings…

With so many possible tunings available, Harmonicas Ireland select a list of popular alternative tunings for chromatic, diatonic and tremolo. Diatonic tunings such as Solo tunings, popular alternative tunings as Country, Reggae, Easy Third and as Paddy Richter, a term (as Jaw Flick; playing technique) coined by Brendan Power. To chromatic Diminished, Bebop, Power Chromatic, covering Asian tremolo tunings, not to mention endless amazing variants!

Download the brochure for more information!