Harmonicas Ireland is holding a FREE harmonica workshop in Dublin

Harmonicas Ireland Workshop-Cathal Johnson

Harmonicas Ireland Workshop
Friday August 9th at 7pm – FREE


Cathal Johnson of Harmonicas Ireland is holding a FREE harmonica workshop.


  1. Performance: A short performance showcasing blues and country blues music on both guitar and harmonica. This will include a demonstration of pure trad train harmonica blues.
  2. Interactive Session: Participants should bring a C harmonica to learn traditional train blues tunes. This session will take about 40 minutes.
  3. Sales: Cathal will bring stock for sale, so attendees without a blues harp in C can purchase one on the spot and join the workshop.
  4. Advanced Techniques: For more experienced players, he will offer a workshop on harmonica maintenance, demonstrating techniques to enhance their instruments’ performance.
  5. Overblows: He will conduct a session on achieving overblows, sharing tricks that even beginners can master within minutes. While he can’t guarantee success for everyone, those with a keen interest will likely grasp it quickly.

Short documentary profiling Cathal Johnson as a harmonica tech and musician: