Renewable and Environmental Award

Cathal Johnson Harmonicas were delighted to be shortlisted and go on to win an award in the ‘Renewable and Environmental’ category from Louth Enterprise on Monday the 5th of March 2012. Woop!

Cathal has been steadily working towards building his business in recycling and renewing old or existing new harmonica, alternative tunings repairs and maintenance, set up for harmonica for customers and customization of harmonicas. To prevent a throwaway society in regards to the harmonica Cathal Johnson Harmonicas aims to fix them and keep them in circulation rather than been thrown in the bin! What a waste and how could you!

Cathal Johnson started after finishing college in 2010 in Applied Music. He then attended business courses to look into creating his own work, as he could not find any work available anywhere else he decided the would create his own. He applied for a Feasibility Study from Louth Enterprise in 2011 to further investigate the possibility of starting up business. After this he decided to do one more business course and go for it. The Study and Business course led him to creating a customer base on which to build. Since then Cathal Johnson Harmonicas saved hundreds and thousands of harmonicas from the bin! And hopes to go on saving thousands and tens of thousands from the bin!

But not only that the customers receives back a harmonica that sounds better than what he or she bought it in the first place as the reeds have been fine tuned and octave tuned and maybe tuned into an alternative tuning or customized for Overblow harmonicas. Or simply that their harmonica is now set up for them to play to suit their own individual style or playing.

Now Cathal Johnson Harmonicas is looking to build on his award winning status and expand into a workshop base, to produce a commercial CD recording of music arranged for the harmonica and other interesting projects too. Hopefully the wave of recent good luck will continue and not only create a job for him but for others too. Watch this space!

If you would like to get in touch with Cathal call him on 0877854120 or email him at